Hello Fellow Virginians,
     I am currenty running for the House of Delegates in the 77th District. I was born in Virginia and have lived here for all of my 55 years. A graduate of Lynchburg College, I have spent most of my career as a  blue collar worker. I have always had an interest and participated in activism that would enhance social and environmental justice. I have seen great changes and improvements in our Commonwealth during this time. I witnessed the end of the Jim Crow era and the birth of a new more inclusive one. I am also seeing the new era having it's progress impeded. I would like to remove the roadblocks put in place by those that have the power and are trying to gain even more of it at the expense of the citizenry.  This power grab, is being orchestrated by corporate and political figures from both major parties. We must put the people back into power and end the time of the for profit, corporate legislature that we now have. People should come first. Please consider supporting and voting for me as we face this challenge together!